Fidelity Crypto REVIEW | MASSIVE Bitcoin + Ethereum Retail Adoption Coming!

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On this episode, we're taking a deep-dive look into Fidelity Crypto. Fidelity officially now offers crypto custodial (and buying/selling) services to all it's 40 million customers alongside institutional investors. We're taking a look at how Fidelity stores your crypto as well as future updates coming. Are we about to see other investment firm competitors follow suit and offer crypto? Is this the catalyst for a massive retail investor crypto boom?

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00:00 intro
00:30 Sponsor: Ledger
01:26 4 Months Later
02:05 How Big is Fidelity?
02:55 Institutional Custody
03:45 Fidelity Crypto
06:04 How does Fidelity store crypto?
07:47 Does Fidelity rely on third-parties?
10:03 Educating users
11:40 Ethereum
13:09 More Coins & NFTs Coming?
14:47 ERC-4337
15:26 Withdrawals Coming
17:14 App Demo & Review
19:20 Fidelity Competitors
19:43 Charles Schwab Crypto?
21:53 Would you move to Fidelity?
22:30 outro

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~Fidelity Crypto REVIEW | MASSIVE Bitcoin + Ethereum Retail Adoption Coming!~
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